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Flying Challenge: Take-off For A Successful Life

Flying Challenge: Take-off For A Successful Life

United Way Tocqueville France and Airbus Corporate Foundation launched a key partnership to support underserved middle school students at a Toulouse, France middle school through strong mentoring and tutoring relationships. The partnership aims to:

  • Connect Airbus Corporate Foundation volunteers with mentors to support students who will benefit from a caring adult to boost their motivation to succeed through ongoing relationships as well as a recent job forum.
  • Expand the network and knowledge of school/career options available to female students through professional mentorship with female Airbus Corporate Foundation volunteers.
  • Provide youth with local college tutors on a regular basis to improve their academic performance.

The pilot equips youth with the skills to tackle challenges in school, work and life in order to achieve their full potential, as well as develop leadership skills for both college and middle school students. Mentors and tutors support youth through school difficulties and offer guidance for future success through an academic and professional approach. College tutors accompany students in their job discovery and help them connect their aspirations to a professional ambition, and provide counsel on the education necessary to succeed in their chosen field of work. .

United Way France, the project facilitator, is working with Airbus Corporate Foundation to pair volunteers with students in Toulouse, including one-on-one mentoring, as well as exposing youth to the professional world. In addition, students, mentors and tutors meet as a group to aid youth in developing their long term aspirations in life. As encouragement for participating in the program, Airbus Corporate Foundation will offer students a communal flight experience, in support of the organization’s youth development goal.

The pilot will expand to serve more youth in the Toulouse area. In partnership with United Way of the Plains, Airbus Corporate Foundation will launch the next phase of the pilot project in Wichita, Kansas. In 2013, Airbus Corporate Foundation plans to expand the reach of the Flying Challenge to support youth in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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